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Youth Lodge

"Bullying is real and it hurts people. Sometimes, the bully needs help too." - Nasir Andrews

Welcome to your safe place! At the Backdown Bully Youth Lodge, you can access all of the tools you need when you have a bully experience.


Q. What is the Youth Lodge?

A. Right now, it's an online community and anti-bully information hub for k-12 youth.

Q. What can I do here?

  • A. Get help with how to face/handle bully situations

  • Learn how to talk to and tell your parents, teachers and principals

  • Access resources to local & national school safety tips and tools

  • Claim your Power Pack

  • Become a Backdown Bully Ambassador and help advocate for your friends and peers 

  • Host Backdown Bully Week at your school community

Are you the Victim of a Hate Crime/Act?

The Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights can help! 

Learn about the 

Stop Hate Project 

Report a Hate Incident

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