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Parent & Family Services

As a parents, you have the right to have access to the tools and resources available to advocate for your child. In the Parent Portal, you can gain access to our growing library of resources to help you report, advocate and navigate to a path of safety, inclusion and justice for your child. 

Record and report any and all bullying that your child experiences. Keeping a record of communication and key dates and names is vital to reporting.

See it? Say it!​

*Report Hate Crimes

Reporting Hotline (844-9-NO-HATE)

Q. What does HIB mean?

A. HIB is an acronym for Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying

Q. My child told me he/she has a bully. Who do I tell first?

A. Yourself. Keeping a journal of your child's bully experience is a critical first step in keeping track of key dates, names and details. Next, contact your child's teacher and any adult that witnessed the event. Sending an urgent email or meeting request should initiate the process. 

For a Bully-Free World
For a Bully-Free World
For a Bully-Free World
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Need Help?

Many children impacted by bullying can benefit from talking with a professional. Parents may also need to seek legal advice in certain situations. Let us help you meet with a counselor or attorney. 

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Referral Services
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