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The Backdown Bully organization is a catalyst and voice of change for bully prevention and awareness. We believe that a single action can make a difference in the community and that collective action can greatly impact the world. Through advocacy, education and empowerment, we can equip our communities with tools and resources to address and remedy bullying in schools. We are here to help all families and youth. 

It Started with a Story...

On June 15,2017, Nasir Andrews and her parents released a bully story video illustrating her experiences at Ardmore Elementary in Washington states' Bellevue School District. Her video captured the hearts and attention of a global community of supporters; going viral at over 20 million views! The victim, turned visionary is the inspiration and driving force behind the Back Down Bully organization.


Who We Are

In 2017, Nasir Andrews, at 9 years of age decided to illustrate her bully story in a video form to share with family and friends. At the end of the 3 min video, she called the viewers to action through her creation of #backdownbully. Nasir was inspired by the support of over 20 million people and wanted to help others tell their stories and end bullying. Back Down Bully has transformed from a hashtag to a global movement.


The organization has its 501(c)(3) status. 


Back Down Bully is a community organization that serves and support children and families who experience bullying in schools. Every child is at risk of experiencing a bullying encounter. Back Down Bully provides support and resources for individuals and families.

Our Why

Our mission is to advocate, educate and empower communities impacted by bullying.

How We Work

We value collaboration and creating strategic alliance with organizations, individuals and corporations who share our passion of eradicating bullying worldwide. The resources that we share with our families are accessible and comprehensive.

Our community building and  diverse partnerships allow us to offer a variety resources to fit the needs of as many families as possible. Back Down Bully is a place of resource and restoration. 


Families and Youth have access to a directory of service providers for counseling, education and family development, legal services and advocacy. We create a community of support and empowerment. 


Where We Are


Back Down Bully serves its immediate community and beyond. The message of #backdownbully has been spread across the globe. The communities and supporters of our cause are found in the UK. Australia, Tokyo, South Africa, Thailand, Canada, Mexico and Bahamas.

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